Stefani Reinold

The H.E.A.R.T method to heal disordered eating

A Talk by Dr. Stefani Reinold (Psychiatrist, Stefani Reinold MD)

About this Talk

In this session you'll learn about the "somatic marker hypothesis" to show you how to connect the dots between your physical experience as it relates to your emotions. We also discuss how to distinguish between "normal" eating and disordered eating and how balancing other areas of your life can directly and positively impact your relationship with food.

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So what's it about?


14 May 2020, 02:00 PM

02:00 PM - 03:00 PM

About The Speakers

Stefani Reinold

Dr. Stefani Reinold

Psychiatrist, Stefani Reinold MD

Dr. Reinold is a board certified psychiatrist, women's mental health expert, and eating disorders specialist. She is author of the bestselling book, Let Your Heart Out, podcast host of the show, It's Not About the Food, and Creator of the HEART Method®: a self-led therapy tool helping with emotional self-awareness and resiliency.