Christina Premutati

Conscious Eating Conclave LIVE panel discussion

A Talk by Christina Premutati (Health & Lifestyle Coach, Coaching by Christina)

About this Talk

Join Christina and 10 other preeminent experts in the field of health, wellness, mindful & intuitive eating and eating psychology for a live panel discussion.

We’ll be talking about the importance of conscious eating, how to practice it and the latest in the research in this evolving and exciting field.

Panelists will take your questions live and may even do some on-the-spot hot coaching. Jenny will be there to moderate.

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Round 2 featuring: Jodi Baretz, Kali Patrick, Christina Premutati, Ashley Looker and Erin Assenza

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12 May 2020, 12:00 AM

12:00 AM - 01:00 AM

About The Speakers

Christina Premutati

Christina Premutati

Health & Lifestyle Coach, Coaching by Christina

Christina Premutati is a Certified Health and Lifestyle Coach who helps stressed out, emotional overeaters heal their relationship with food and their bodies while discovering their true self in the process. After many years of struggling with dieting, emotional overeating, and body dissatisfaction, Christina learned how to shift her beliefs around food and break free from the self-defeating cycles that kept her from living a fulfilling, happy life. Now, she is committed to helping others in their journey. Using a combination of behavior change and mindfulness practices, Christina teaches her clients how to stop-self sabotage in its tracks, manage food triggers and stress, and nourish themselves from the inside out so they can create sustainable, healthy lifestyle habits.