Karen Shopoff Rooff

Owner/Health Coach, Well Balanced Women Coach Karen holds certifications as a health coach, women's wellness coach, and personal trainer. She holds specialty certifications as a prenatal yoga and aqua yoga instructor.

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Karen Shopoff Rooff is a certified women's health coach with more than a decade of experience empowering professional women to build a realistic healthy lifestyle. Her blog, Well Balanced Women, and health & wellness ecourses combine easy-to-understand science with realistic tips to educate body-wise women, particularly in the transition times of pregnancy and perimenopause. She is a nationally-known public speaker on women’s health, fitness, and wellness topics. Coach Karen's busy life as an entrepreneur, wife, and mom of three kids shows that you can have balance without having it all together. In her free time, Karen enjoys distance running, backfloating, and reading (but not all at the same time).

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Guide to Perimenopause Power Foods


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Eating consciously through perimenopause

13 May 2020, 02:00 PM
Karen Shopoff Rooff