Erin Assenza

Integrative & Functional Nutrition Health Coach

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If you find yourself constantly rummaging through the kitchen cabinets or downing a sleeve of Oreo’s without batting an eye, If you have all the knowledge on what to eat to support your healthy lifestyle, but you are just not doing it, then you need Erin Assenza, Nutrition & Mindfulness Coach to finally get you to stay on track with healthy eating.

Knowing what to eat isn't enough. Creating lasting change is an inside job. In addition to helping clients lose weight, reverse pre-diabetes, and gain unbounded energy, Erin helps her clients stop self-sabotage, take care of emotional needs without using food, and nourish themselves from the inside out so that they can stay on track with their health goals.

When she's not health coaching, she's dancing around the living room with her Baby Boy Leo, cooking something fantastic in the kitchen, or trying out a new pizza joint in Brooklyn, NY.

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The Conscious Eating Conclave LIVE panel discussion (round 1)

12 May 2020, 12:00 AM
Jodi Baretz Erin Assenza Christina Premutati Kali Patrick Ashley Looker

Conscious Eating Conclave LIVE panel discussion

12 May 2020, 12:00 AM
Erin Assenza