Chef Evelyn Williams

Culinary Consultant & Chef, Eat Out at Home

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Chef Evelyn Williams is a Culinary Consultant who is on a mission to help foodies Eat Gourmet Every DayTM! She has assisted various celebrity chefs such as Oprah’s Private Chef Art Smith, Martin Yan of Yan Can Cook, Food Network’s Guy Fieri, and The Chew’s Mario Batali. Evelyn has also cooked for Grammy Award Winner Sheryl Crow, Food Network’s Giada DeLaurentis, Author & Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts, and New York Times Best-Selling Author, Movie Producer and Mega-Church Pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes. Evelyn is also the author of the book “A Fabulous Year in Food: 52 Delicious Ways to Connect with Family and Friends”, the host of the Eat Out at Home Podcast and the creator of several web-based video series’. She is the founder of the Fun Food Academy and the Eat Gourmet Every Day Online Cooking School. She currently spends her time teaching online cooking classes and conducting healthy cooking demonstrations and workshops for companies, organizations, and churches. She also consults with corporate professionals who are transitioning into culinary entrepreneurship through her Chef’s Table Academy Consulting Program. Evelyn is also the founder of, an eCommerce shop that offers Apparel for Every Appetite. When Evelyn is not cooking or consulting, she spends her time teaching entrepreneurs, creatives and influencers how to prioritize their self-care.

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Making healthy food shifts with ease in the kitchen

16 May 2020, 02:00 PM
Chef Evelyn Williams